Out team

SMU-55 company's director, Igor Oldakovsky, is the State Councilor of the Russian Federation. He is the former Head of the Department in Ministry of Road Transport in Russia and one of the most well-known constructors in St-Peterburg,  the home city of the Russian president and prime-minister.

The cold-stone professional and talented innovator he always finds the best way to have the job done.

"We do not only encourage our employees' desire for professional growth, but also considers it an integral part of their working life. Training courses, seminars, workshops and experience exchange with European colleagues are the common practice for most of our staff".

Sergei Halquist is one of the youngest members of the SMU 55  high management  with experience of work in Germany, Sweden and Estonia. Laureate of the Moscow Mayor Scholarship for an excellence in studying, he graduated cum laude from Law School in Tallinn, Estonia, and has a diploma of Dagestan branch of MADI (Moscow State Road Construction University)

Sergei speaks several european languages and represents the interests of the company outside Russia. His field of activity extends from Kazakhstan to Africa.