The worldview of SMU-55 is based on five key principles, which have to be followed by each and every team member.

Professional ethics
Absolute sincerity, responsibility and openness towards our partners, clients and colleagues for the basis of our activities. This is why they see cooperation with SMU-55 as an inseparable part of our professional success as well as the accomplishments in their lives.

High quality
We set the highest standards for ourselves on every level of work. A combination of rich experience with cutting-edge technology and innovation lets us finish our work correctly at the first attempt. Each project for us is a chance to improve and grow.

We demand a lot from our co-workers; however, we also provide them with a wide range of opportunities connected to development and remuneration for their work and success.

The absence of incidents is extremely important for us. Human lives depend on this. It is not difficult to avoid accidents – it is easy to remember that every accident can be prevented.

We work for the sake of the future, the constant development of our company, long and strong relationships with our partners and the success of the region and the country.