Career in SMU-55

SMU-55 deals with construction in Russia and other countries. Hundreds of people work on our objects and every important success is the result of the work of each member of our team.

If you are energetic, responsible, possess a construction degree and would like to find a job with almost unlimited prospects, then SMU-55 can provide you with such an opportunity.

SMU-55 hires people regularly. We are proud to have one honoured construction worker of the Russian Federation and three PhDs in our team. Over fifty specialists with the highest technical education work in our company.

We demand high standards from our team members on all levels and we offer fair remuneration conditions for successful and responsible work. In addition, SMU-55 guarantees a high level of work culture for all members working on construction as well as for members who take part in training. A comfortable hotel-dormitory is offered to all members at the manufacturing base in Shelkovskiy district in the Moscow Region.

Our workers constantly improve their qualifications and pass professional training, including training that takes into account the experience of European construction companies and their specialists.